Baptism is one of the central aspects of our faith in Christ. All that we do as Christians springs forth from our baptism and the baptismal promises given to us by God. Baptism isn’t just a one moment event, but our baptism draws us to God each and every day.

If you are looking to be baptized or looking for your child to be baptized, Trinity would love to be part of your faith journey beginning in baptism.

Getting baptized at Trinity is an easy process:
1. Call the church office number listed above.
2. Ask if the weekend you or your child is available for a baptismal service. We have a Sunday morning service at 9:00am.
3. Fill out our baptismal information sheet (  online)
4. Speak with the pastor sometime before the service- this time will be used to meet, introduce the elements of baptism, ask questions, etc)
5. Be welcomed by Trinity in your new life in Christ on your baptismal date!

We make it easy for a reason- it is our desire make this part of the faith journey open to all who desire to be baptized and to love everyone who is baptized at our font (and other fonts too). It would be our joy to be part of your baptism or your child’s baptism.