Easter is a time to celebrate the risen Lord! We celebrate in song, in words of praise, and by shouting the word Hallelujah once again! Easter is a reminder of the love of God through the resurrection of Christ Jesus who ended our sin and separation from God once and for all.

 This year we will have an Easter service at 9:00AM on Easter morning .

To journey to Easter takes a few steps. After traveling through Lent, we come to three days- Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Easter Vigil. Here is a little about each service plus the service time.

Maundy Thursday– Held the Thursday  before Easter at Immanuel Lutheran Church  at 7PM. Maundy means command as Jesus gives a new commandment to all- love one another as God loves us. He shows an example of this love through the washing of his disciples feet. We come to this service with individual blessing and anointing, communion, and end the service with the removal of all the items on the altar as we close in silence and darkness.

Good Friday- Held the Friday before Easter at Trinity Lutheran Church at 7PM.  Good Friday is the day we come face to face with the cross of Christ and the recognition our sin is what led to the cross. From the cross, we hear words of forgiveness even in the midst of death. This is a solemn service focusing on the Passion narrative. We hear the seven last words of Jesus too and pray for the nation, the church, the world, and each other in an extended prayer. This service ends in silence and darkness as well.

Easter Vigil – Held the Saturday before Easter at Redeemer Lutheran Church at 7PM.  Easter Vigil, also called the Paschal Vigil or the Great Vigil of Easter, is a liturgy held in traditional Christian churches as the first official celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus. Historically, it is during this liturgy that people are baptized and that adult catechumens are received into full communion with the Church. It is held in the hours of darkness between sunset on Holy Saturday and sunrise on Easter Day.